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Product Development Investors Group

Welcome to the Product Development Investors Group (PDIG). Elliott Tech (ET) is part of a unique group that seeks capital investments for the purpose of funding product developments. The investors receive a return on investment (ROI) from product royalties and/or selling rights and/or profits from the creation of a spin-off company.  The investment opportunity is marketable to voting members, non-voting members, and corporations.  Each voting investor has the opportunity to assist in the selection and management of any and all products.

Types of Products

The product developments are focused on electronic products in various industries not limited to, but including recreation, commercial, toys, medical, and automotive.

PDIG Concept

The main purpose of PDIG is to fund product developments and either sell the rights or spin-off a company to produce, market, and sell the product.  PDIG receives license fees and/or royalties.  The revenue generated is used towards payment(s) to the investors and/or future developments.  A spin-off company may develop, which may create an IPO option. If product origination is from a client, in most cases the client retains product ownership and PDIG will pay out royalties to the client. The product-origination may be from within PDIG, in which ownership will reside in PDIG. The following outlines this process:

  • The PDIG’s objectives are as follows:
    1. Provide product development funding for patents, inventions, corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

    2. Provide capital gains to PDIG investors through:
      • Selling rights to the product(s) developed through licensing agreements. 
      • Receipt of royalties from the product(s) developed. Ownership or divided ownership of a spin-off company.
  • Example:  

    An inventor has a patent and approaches PDIG.  The inventor doesn’t have the capital to develop the product.  PDIG elects to fund this development and determines it will cost $50,000.00.  The inventor and PDIG agree upon an exclusive rights agreement.

    This agreement will specify a time frame for the development and any royalties/patent fees.  In this example, lets say the inventor will receive 10% of the royalty payments in which PDIG will negotiate with the company or companies that will manufacture/market/sell the product.  PDIG funds the development of the product utilizing ET’s product development services.  During the development of the product, PDIG and the end company or companies will agree upon a licensing agreement.  This agreement will include a licensing fee for exclusive rights and royalty payments.  The licensing fee in most cases will cover, at the minimum, the development cost PDIG invested.  The royalty payments may be 5% to 10% of wholesale price.  Therefore, if the estimated per unit cost is $5.00 and the estimated annual usage is 500,000 units, then the total estimated sales is expected to be $2,500,000.00.  A 5% royalty fee results in a $125,000.00.  Assuming the original inventor/patent recipient gets 10% of the royalties then the inventor/patent recipient receives $12.5K and PDIG receives $112.5K for the first year and subsequent years as well.

  • PDIG’s Product Development Flow:

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