Saturn, II Superstars III

  1. Use each of these digits one time in the number sequence below: 2,4,6, and 8.  Fill in the blanks to produce the answer "14".  Remember that you compute inside parentheses first.

( ____ / ____ ) + ( ____ x ____ ) = 14

You can use trial and error to solve this problem, however think about the first computation:  ( _____ / _____ ).  We know that these number have to divide evenly.  Therefore, it has to be either ( 4 / 2 ) or ( 6 / 2 ) or ( 8 / 2 ) or ( 8 / 4 ).  So use these then the other remaining numbers to find the sequence.

  1. How many squares can be found in the figure to the right?

Remember there are the obvious squares and there are bigger squares as well.  Remember a square has four equal sides. 


This example shows one of the bigger squares.

  1. Tamisha did a problem two different ways on her calculator.  She got two different answers.  Which of the two answers below represents the larger number?


    Is 0.4 greater or less than 0.39? What about 0.40 versus 0.39?

  2. The girl scouts were going on a field trip to the zoo.  There are 25 people going.  They rented vans and each van has only 7 seat belts.  How many vans do they need?

If there are 25 people going and each van can hold 7.  Then to find out how many vans are needed we need to divide 7 into 25.  Well, we know that 7 doesn't go evenly so what do we do?  Do we use this number or do we increase it by one and have spare seats?

  1. Write the standard numeral: 9000 + 700 + 8 + 0.6.  

The trick here is to pay attention to the 0.6.  Don't mistake it for 6.

  1. What do you know about metrics?  Circle the answers below that would make sense.

    a.  The weight of a pineapple:  1kg or 1 g or 1 mg

    b.  The capacity of a can of soda:  35 mL or 3.5 mL or 350 mL.

    c.  The temperature on a summer day: 30 C or  3 C or -3 C

    Remember kg is kilograms or 1000 grams (g) and mg is milligrams or 1/1000 of a gram

    Remember mL is milliliter

    Remember Temperature conversion:

    Fahrenheit F = 1.8C + 32
    Centigrade C = (F - 32) / 1.8

    Also if you need help with metric conversions  Click Here.

  1. A class of 25 students has 10 boys.  Three boys have braces and 4 girls have braces.

a.  What is the ratio of boys with braces to boys in class?______

b.  What is the ratio of girls with braces to girls in class?_______

c.  Which group has the larger ratio of students with braces to students in class - boys or girls?_____

Remember ratio is part over whole.  For example, if there are 15 boys and three boys have braces then the ratio of boys with braces to boys in the class is 3/15 or 1/5 which means that 1 boy out of 5 has braces.

  1. The price and the sales tax are given.  Compute the total cost.  Tell how much change you would receive from $5.00.

Beach ball is $2.59 with a 6% sales tax.  Lets take another example:  Beach ball cost $3.50 with a 6% sales tax.  We need to figure out the tax amount: .06 x 3.50 = 0.21 therefore, the total amount is $3.50 + $0.21 = $3.71.  Now you will subtract this from $5.00. ($5.00 - $3.71) = $1.29

Good Luck!